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Change in Fees

From 1st September we will be increasing our fees.

Our normal Chiropractic treatment fee will be £42 (from £37).

Our 30 minute massage fee will be  £40  (from £33) and 60 minute massage £60 (from £55)

For our full list of fees please click here – Fee Schedule Sept 2023

It’s been necessary to increase our fees as we haven’t done so for 3 years. Within this time we have all gone through Covid and significantly rising inflation due to various global factors. We have taken the cost of this for a long time but it’s important now that we increase our fees to reflect this and the increased costs we face as a business.

We still offer great value for money in terms of the health benefits and outcomes for our clients.

Our practitioners are highly skilled individuals and together working as a team we are passionate about transforming your health. We will continue to offer an outstanding experience at every stage of your healing voyage.

As a valued client you can take advantage of our existing prices by purchasing a Payment Package of 12 or 24 chiropractic treatments or 4 massage visits at our current prices before the 1st September. This will allow you to receive treatment at the current prices when our fees go up  in September. If you are interested in this please speak to your practitioner or our Welcome team,, 0131 554 5855.

We hope you will understand this important decision and look forward to welcoming you into our clinic.

Yours in Health


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