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New Clients

A very warm welcome to you and thank you for choosing us to help you on your journey to better health. We look forward to welcoming you to our relaxed and friendly chiropractic office in the Leith and Trinity areas of Edinburgh.

Our goal is to take you on a journey to a point where you are out of pain, your body has stabilised and you’re feeling in great health. That is the ultimate for us and we believe for you.

As a new patient we will ask you to complete our Patient Questionnaire, so that we can find out a about you, your health and what brought you in. You can either download it here from this page or fill it in when you arrive at our clinic (please allow 5-10 mins for this). Please ask any questions you have and we will do our best to answer them.

You will also be given a consent form to read. We will then take you through to a consulting room to undertake the initial consultation.

If you wish to claim for your chiropractic care on health insurance please advise us at the time of booking your Initial Appointment. We provide care for clients with Bupa, AXA PPP Healthcare, Aviva, Simply Health and Vitality Health.

Before Your Initial Consultation

Before your initial consultation we encourage you to reflect upon a couple of points which will really help us assist you on your journey to better health:

a) past episodes of the main and other issues that you are attending for,

b) what have these issues prevented you from achieving in your life,

c) what are you goals for your health over the next 12 months, and

d) what accidents and injuries have occurred to you in the past, especially in childhood. Not just the everyday thumps and bumps that can occur but the memorable ones. Although this may seem too long ago to be relevant, it is often these unexpected insights that explain better why you feel the way you do.


The First Appointment

At this very first meeting, your chiropractor will go through your Patient Questionnaire with you as well as giving you time to talk about your aches and pains, health challenges and your reason for coming to see us. It’s important to us that you get everything off your chest – we’re here to listen.

Next, your chiropractor will perform a comprehensive exam and give you a Report of Findings, which includes a diagnosis. If we consider that this is something we can assist you with we will suggest a Plan of Care specifically tailored for you and your goals. This plan will advise you of the number of treatments needed and over what time frame is necessary. We will also discuss the cost of the treatment and discuss various payment options to suit you. Your treatment plan will also involve your commitment to following exercises, and considering changes you could make to improve your health. We can usually start treatment – chiropractic ‘adjustments’- at this visit.

If X-rays are deemed necessary, we will refer you out for these.

Should it be found that we can’t help you then we will say so and suggest who else you could consult.

Please allow about an hour for this first appointment.


The Second Appointment

We will ask how you are getting on, review our recommendations, answer any questions you have and then continue on with the treatment. This appointment only take 10-12 minutes.


Your Chiropractic Journey

Many people initially come to see us to relieve a specific pain. Once that has alleviated we encourage you to go on to corrective treatment where we are enabling your body to rebuild and maintain its health. This may take a couple of months depending on what your condition is.

Following this we have many patients who come to us for what we call “Lifestyle chiropractic”, which includes chiropractic along with their own ongoing healthy lifestyle of eating well, regular exercise and trying to keep good physical and mental health.

Going to the gym regularly to work out can help you stay fit. Likewise, seeing the dentist twice a year for checkups can help you maintain optimal oral health. Regular chiropractic care may help you enjoy better spinal and overall health. Everything of value requires maintenance. When people get older, their number one complaint is their bad back. That’s why regular chiropractic care is valuable. It can help you at every stage of life and help your body heal when you have falls or other types of physical stress.

Whether you want to see us for occasional pain relief or regular maintenance care, we are always happy to assist you.

Our Approach to Patient Education

Every time you come in for care, your chiropractor will provide a little bit more about the bigger picture, about how the neurology works. We’ll meet you where you are but also challenge you to look at the bigger opportunity of taking your health to the next level.

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