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Feel Empowered
About Your Health at
Connect Chiropractic

From infants and children to teens, adults and seniors, patients of all ages will receive high-quality, natural chiropractic care at Connect Chiropractic. Not sure if chiropractic can help you? Come along for a no obligation Free Spine Check.


Edinburgh Chiropractors Provide Care for All Ages

Hands adjusting little boys neck

Uniting you with your potential!

At our friendly and lively practice, we are passionate about helping patients relive pain, improve their health and enhance their life. We want you to feel empowered and involved in your care and to become active participants in improving your health and wellness, rather than to just follow doctors’ orders. Our kind-hearted and professional team consisting of three fully qualified and professional Edinburgh chiropractors and a physiotherapist will work to get you the results you seek so you can feel your best and understand your body better. With locations in Leith and Trinity, you can access the natural health care you desire.

Becoming Connect Chiropractic

We opened our first Clinic in Leith about 14 years ago and our second clinic in Trinity 3 years ago. Chiropractic Care is our passion. We see our patients benefiting from it every day and we see many lives being transformed from the results. We used to be called Trinity & Leith Chiropractic, but we felt that now we wanted a name to bring our 2 clinics together and really express what it is that we are about. That is Connect Chiropractic.

We chose the name Connect Chiropractic as chiropractic is all about allowing your nervous system to function better, by improving the connection between your brain and body. We do this by improving the health of your spine through chiropractic treatments. Andrew and the team regularly talk about getting you better connected or reconnected, and it seemed like the name resonated with our ethos.

Although we have changed our name, in many ways we are still the same. We are still the same award-winning clinics, under the same management, with the same highly experienced and skilled chiropractors (Andrew, Ali and Michael) offering you an outstanding service.

We still have the same vision for you and your family – to relieve pain, improve your health, and enhance your life.

Dr. Michael adjusting man's neckRelieving Pain, Improving Health, Enhancing Life

Your brain is the controller of your nervous system.

At Connect our ethos is to get your nervous system functioning better by improving the health of your spine. This strengthens the connection between your brain and your body, which allows you to function better. We are experienced and award-winning clinics, dedicated to regaining your health through relieving pain and enhancing your life.

Whether you have specific symptoms or want better overall health we can assist you to Connect to your potential.