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Chiropractic and Dance

DN Dance Pic 1 Connect Chiropractic is delighted to offer DN Dance students aged 18 and under an exclusive discounted rate of £45 for an Initial consultation, and £25 for each chiropractic adjustment after.
Just phone us on 0131 554 5855 or click here to make an appointment.

We are passionate about transforming people’s health and we want to help you as dancer reach your maximum potential.

Photos feature DN Dance students.

To dance well you need to be able to move well and avoid injuries, and this is where chiropractic can assist. We aim to improve the function of your nervous system, by improving the health and mobility of your spine, we do this through adjusting the vertebrae in your spine.

Chiropractic care has many potential benefits – as a dancer we would focus on these two main benefits for you or your child, below:

Optimal body function

The balance and coordination of dancing requires a lot of nervous system activity simultaneously. Though your body certainly has the ability to do this, it is required to work at a higher level. When your spinal joints have restricted range of motion, the nervous system is negatively affected. This can lead to your ability to balance and coordinate muscles and movements will be negatively affected, as well. Keeping optimal spinal joint movement through chiropractic adjustments keeps you resilient.

One component to achieving the greatest strength and endurance levels, whether dancing or any other activity, is optimal brain and body communication. This communication system is the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments increase the ability of the nervous system to function without interference and as a result, you’ll likely dance longer and more fluidly with greater strength and endurance.

Injury Treatment and prevention

Dance has the potential to lead to injuries and joint / muscle niggles especially when the body isn’t functioning well.

One of the great effects of chiropractic is symptoms relief. When the nervous system is working optimally, the body knows what to do, and you’ll often experience a decrease in pain and symptoms from overuse and other dance-related injuries/pain.

DN Dance Pic 2

Don’t let your dancing suffer. Whether you are looking to improve your routine, the health of your body, or recover from injuries, chiropractic adjustments can help you dance harder, longer and better!

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