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Coronavirus: Guidance and Reassurance for Patients

CoronavirusThe spread of the Coronavirus, continues to pick up momentum. As a natural health clinic we want to continue to offer treatment to our patients as well as providing a safe environment for both you and our employees.

We have increased our standard Infection Control Policy activities during this time to prevent the spread of infection.

Please ensure that you follow the NHS Guidelines for Coronavirus before entering and while in our clinic.

When entering our clinic we ask that all patients use the hand sanitisers provided or wash their hands, before their chiropractic or massage appointment.

If you have Coronavirus symptoms please reschedule your appointment for 7 days later.

If you would like further information or have any questions on our Infection Control Policy please get in touch.

We look forward to continuing to support you and your family during this time.

Best wishes,

From all the team at Connect Chiropractic

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