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Low Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the most common reasons people come to see us. Pain can be very debilitating and is a major cause of time off work.

chiropractor-michael-adjustmentMany people with sudden, acute back pain think, “But gosh, I didn’t even do anything!”. What many people don’t know, or understand, is that it’s not always a case of what you did five minutes ago, or what you did yesterday, or even what you did last week that’s causing the current symptoms; it’s most often cumulative until that “straw that broke the camel’s back” episode.

Of the three main types of stress that affect the body – emotional, chemical and physical – the physical stress is often the most obvious cause which leads to areas of the spine not moving correctly and nerve irritation – or what chiropractors term a subluxation.

Physical stressors can be from many types but usually are from injuries or repetitive strain. Current injuries are fairly obvious, but clients often forget injuries from years ago or when they were a child. Repetitive strain, like sitting especially with poor posture associated with using computers and mobiles is the new modern epidemic. These stressors accumulate to the point where the resilience of the body to adapt is overloaded and this may cause abnormal neurological control of muscles. This may lead to strained joints and ‘pulled’ muscles.

Beating Back Pain

The best way to stay on top of things so you don’t end up with chronic or acute back pain is to stay on schedule with your chiropractic adjustments, eat healthy foods, take regular exercise and stretches, practice good posture when standing and sitting (and don’t sit for too long) , take care when lifting, sleep at least eight hours each night on a mattress that supports you, and learn how to manage your stress.

Chiropractic Care and Low Back Pain

At our evidence-based practice we treat low back pain by developing a care plan that is bespoke for your needs. Your first appointment will involve an examination that will include diagnostic testing for posture, muscle tension and stress levels. Treatment may include gentle specific manipulation of spinal joints to release tension and encourage correct nerve activity. Our Chiropractors have years of experience and keep up to date with the latest research and guidelines.

It’s our goal to discover underlying spinal issues that might be causing your back pain, including subtle misalignments, loss of a proper cervical curve or the effects of long-standing spinal decay.

Contact us to make an appointment and start your journey to be free from pain.



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