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Ointment, Catchprase, anyone?

If you’ve spent any time around me or read any of my emails.older-woman-stretching

You’ll have heard me say 3 magic words…

In fact, I don’t know for sure if I talk in my sleep. But if I do, I’ve got no doubt I’d be saying:

“Lotion is motion.”

………another one I say is “Everything is Connected”, it’s a similar theme!

But what does “Lotion is motion” actually mean?

It’s no secret that our bodies are designed to move. Yet, in a world increasingly inclined towards sedentary lifestyles, we often forget the power of motion.


But here are 5 reasons why integrating movement into your daily routine is critical to your health:


#1. Boosts Mental Health

Regular physical activity is a natural mood enhancer, helping to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

It’s like nature’s antidepressant – without the side effects.


#2. Enhances Joint Health

Movement helps maintain joint flexibility and can reduce pain and stiffness. If you’re focusing on improving your spinal health, regular motion will ensure that your back remains flexible and strong.


#3. Improves Physical Fitness

Whether it’s a brisk walk, a yoga session, or a bike ride, moving your body strengthens your heart, muscles, and bones.

It’s the most natural way to stay fit and build resilience.


#4. Supports Longevity

Studies have shown that regular physical activity can add years to your life expectancy.

You don’t need to get up and try and running a marathon though. Even moderate exercise has profound benefits.


#5. Fosters Social Connections

Movement can be a social activity. Walking with a friend, joining a dance class, or participating in team sports can enhance your social life while keeping you active.

But I also understand that life gets in the way, and incorporating movement into your day can feel like a chore. So here are a few tips to seamlessly blend activity into your day:


  • Take Short Breaks: Every hour, take a few minutes to stretch or walk around.
  • Choose Activities You Enjoy: Movement should be joyful, not a burden. Find activities that make you happy, and you’ll be more likely to stick with them.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Start small and gradually increase your activity level. Every bit counts!
  • Make It a Group Effort: Involve friends, family, or colleagues or family members to make exercising a fun and social event.


Remember, your journey towards a healthier life is unique to you, so whether you’re taking your first steps towards being more active or looking for ways to enhance your current routine, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

If you’re curious about how Chiropractic can support your active lifestyle, hit reply to this email or give us an email on or give us a call on PHONE on 0131 554 5855, and we’ll talk you through the process…. or you can Book Online, see our button at the top of this page.

Let’s get moving towards a healthier, happier you!

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