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We Did It!! 2 Day Juice Detox Event

Juicing event AndrewWe did it!! Congratulations to everyone that took part in our 2 Day Juice Detox Event on 27th – 28th January.

It was our first event and we feel it was a great start to something that will become a regular fixture in our event calendar for the clinic.

We’ll be running another one in 6 months’ time on the weekend of the 10-11th August if you’d like to join in then.

Thanks to those who participated and sent your thoughts on how it went. As it was our first time we really value any suggestions on how to make it better for next time.

This is what 2 of our clients who did it had to say “We participated in the 2 day juice detox. We initially found it difficult, but it felt as though the body adapted and by the Sunday we had become more used of it. Saying that, the ‘Green Goddess Salad’ with chicken did help as it provided us with some much-needed protein/solids – and the salad dressing recipe was also amazing. Our favourites were the ‘Ginger shot’ recipe and the ‘Golden Glow Juice’.

Juicing eevent Super Green Juice

Overall, it was an interesting experience as an alternative to fasting. I would say we definitely had more energy on the Monday, although we did look forward to having something more substantial after the weekend was over. Happy to have completed the challenge, and would be up interested in trying again in future.”


From my point of view (Andrew) I found it a really interesting experience in how my body works and how I feel after not eating solid foods. The actual juicing was a bit of prep and work. I made double juices at once and kept them in empty milk cartons, so by Day 2 it was so much easier and I was just simply pouring myself drinks.

Also, I wasn’t actually hungry at any time and managed to get right through the 48 hours, including our kid’s birthday party on the Sunday evening.

Sinéad joined in with me too. She had never done anything like this and was pretty nervous but she found it quite easy. It has been liberating and quite a life changing experience for her. The fact that she lost a few pounds in the process was a real boost!

Focusing on your health is always good. Any questions please get in touch too. We’re here to help.

Becky our Nutritionist also took part. here are her thoughts on it,  “After catching the nasty bug going around this is exactly what my immune system needed. I’ve done many juice cleanses in the past but this one was the best! The juices were really tasty and kept me full, no hunger pangs. My IBS-caused bloating (triggered by the bug!) was gone by the end of the weekend. And my food shop for the weekend was much cheaper than normal which was a bonus. Definitely doing this again, as felt great!” Juicing Becky's green goddess


Hopefully we’ve convinced you that you could give it a try next time when we do it 10th – 11th August. The weather will be better then, fingers crossed, and you may feel more like it.

Also, why not think about incorporating juice drinks into your every day diet. Try having one for breakfast or one at lunch. It will give your body a great boost and reduce your calorie intake – win win!


Yours in Health

Andrew and all the team at Connect Spinal Health


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