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Jareth Sexton, Sports Massage Therapist

JarethOriginally from the North Hampton, Jareth grew up in the Scottish Highlands just outside of Aberdeen. This is where he discovered his passion for the great outdoors. Having conquered several Munros already he is on a mission to defeat them all. Through this natural, active lifestyle Jareth became keen to learn new ways about how he could improve his own fitness and help others on their fitness journeys. Starting out as fitness instructor and continuing through his Sports therapy studies, Jareth has been working as a soft tissue specialist for almost three years.

He has now taken the plunge to move to Edinburgh, stepping out of his comfort zone in a bid to gain new experiences and knowledge. Jareth comes to us with years of experience in sport massage but is also experienced in a wide range of other treatments such as: Mobilisation, cupping, kinesiology tapping, electrotherapy and injury rehabilitation.

Jareth’s positive outlook on life is contagious, believing that healing is as much about having a positive mindset as well as the physical work you put in. Jareth’s rounded, informed and professional approach starts his client on their road to recovery.

Jareth has a HND in Sports Therapy from the University of the Highland and Islands as well as a HND in Fitness, Health and Exercise. He is a member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation (SMTO).

Jareth is available for appointments on Monday afternoon/evenings, Wednesday mornings and Thursday and Friday afternoons.

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